Hostgator vs Fatcow

Doing a detailed comparison is of paramount importance before making a decision on choosing the most useful web hosting provider. Below is a fine review comparing hostgator and fatcow.



It is a college student who started hostgator in the year 2002; he didn’t even finish his college education. He dropped out and ventured into business. Over 150,000 sites have been hosted by hostgator ever since its launch. Their adverts online indicate that they are hosting over two million domains at the moment. Hostgator generally gets nice reviews online.

Fatcow has been operating since 1998 and has 30,000 sites under their belts. They have received high ratings consistently and won industry awards on several occasions. As a company they are Eco-friendly and very proud that their data centers and offices have a 100% powered wind energy.


Hosting plan

Hostgator basic plan includes an unlimited disc space and bandwidth. They have a hatching plan and business plan too.

Fatcow on the other hand keeps it very simple. They’ve got one main plan that consists of an unlimited bandwidth and an unlimited disc space. They have a superb plan that provides an option for people intending to start a business or people who want to have a placeholder for more than two domains.

General features

Hostgator’ major plan consists of an unlimited disc space, emails, bandwidth and domains. It also has a site builder with templates and a site studio. The plan also consists of a Google ad words credit and instantly installable free scripts.

Fatcow includes many tools that help in building the website apart from having a bandwidth and an unlimited disc space. They have wizards that open source applications and easily install blogs and forums. There are fantastic features for sites on e commerce that include shared SSL, shopping car, E-store builder, free yahoo and Google! They have mySQL databases that are unlimited.


The cost for hostgator basic plan is $119.40 per annum

Fatcow on the other hand is cheaper. Its main costs $66 per annum plus an additional $5 per annum for domain parking.


Data center facilities

Hostgator is based in a single center called the planet data center which is based in Texas; they are their most dependable customer. They work make sure their data center offers an all time sever monitoring.

To ensure that their data is the best, fatcow mixes different art features. Fatcow is supported by dual routers that help in hosting platform for bigger redundancy. Its Cisco PIX firewall top line provides excellent security. For improved reliability, they have clusters with netapp storage. To enhance performance fatcow has a new network connection called the gigabit network. When these features are put together, they make fatcow a reliable and an extremely secure web hosting provider. Many professionals in industries can confirm that fatcow data center is of high quality.


At hostgator, they have weekly sever backups

At fatcow, they have daily server backups

Up time guarantees

Hostgator up time guarantee is 99.9%

Fatcow up time guarantee is 99.9%


Hostgator has a customer support service that operates 24/7. It includes, live charts, toll free numbers, and a ticket system for emails

Fatcow has numerous ways that they use to be in contact with their customers that include live chat, emails and a toll free number that operates day and night. They also have a knowledge base, FAQ library and tutorials.


In general fatcow has an edge over hostgator. While fatcow does server backups on a daily basis, hostgator on the other hand does it weekly. The major advantage with fatcow is its affordability. Its no doubt that fatcow is better than hostgator in web site hosting.